Application Form for PSC Swim Team

Application for Membership in the Swimming Team – Sept2015

All swimmers please do the following:

  1. Please download and print 2 copies of this form.
  2. Fill in the form. Please ensure that all information is complete, for insurance and registration purposes.
  3. The Coaches need to be informed of any medical condition that your child may be having. However, be aware that swimming is a vigorous sport and every one’s body is different. If your child is unwell, please keep them at home – for their well being and to prevent illnesses from spreading to others. The responsibility is on the parent to ensure that your child is physically fit to participate in the swimming training.
  4. Submit with 2 passport sized photos and a copy of your identification or passport to the office on Level 7.
  5. Make payment (for Sporting Members as you have no credit facilities with the Club) and get a receipt. Please write a cheque, payment by Cash is strictly discouraged. Make all cheques to “Penang Swimming Club”.
  6. Take the receipt (for Sporting Members) and one acknowledged copy of the form, which has the photos and the copy of identification and submit to Coach Heng.
  7. Once Coach Heng has your form and he has assessed you (to determine your swimming and fitness level), the swimmer can proceed to train in the designated lanes. Swimmers are not allowed to switch training lanes without permission as the swimming speeds and training methods are different for each group.
    1. Lane 1 – beginner, competitive for the 4.30pm session
    2. Lane 2 – intermediate, competitive
    3. Lane 3 – advanced, competitive
  8. If your child is just starting to train or only wants to train for health purposes, we encourage you to attend the night training sessions at 7.30pm – especially for new swimmers. Swimmers are not forced to compete, but encouraged so that they will have targets to achieve and can see results. Time trials conducted by the Section are a good way for a beginner to learn how to handle swim meets and to gauge their progress. None of the Coaches or the Committee will ever force a swimmer to compete.