PASA 2016 registration

Unfortunately, even though we wish to reduce the paper trail, the following documents must be submitted to PASA. Please print out and submit the relevant documents to Coach Heng, by the 15th of January 2015. Thank you.


PASA Reg Form 2016

52PASA2016 Indemnity Form Above 18

52PASA2016 Indemnity Form U18


PSC Swimmer Log Book

PSC Swimmer Log Book – Sept2015

Girls – swim times, PBs – Dec2015

Boys – swim times PBs – Dec2015

Boys – qualifying times – 2016

Girls – qualifying times – 2016

Use this log book to keep track of your training and swimming progress throughout the year.

As it is still a work in progress, we are missing the following areas:

7. Swimmer’s Conduct

11. Correct Stoke Techniques – download separate file.

12. Dry Land Exercises – download separate file. Do these exercises when you are at home or when you are unable to make it to swimming training.

13. Dry Land Warm Up – when a pool is not available – download separate file.

These files were be put up once available as there are a lot of photos to take, edit and compiled.

Swim Times Motivation

Boys – swim times PBs – Dec2015

Girls – swim times, PBs – Dec2015


As part of the swimmer’s log book, I have compiled the swim times of all swimmers who took part in the President Cup 2015. These include their personal best times and the times that they swam during President Cup. Next, I compiled the qualifying times for the USA and the Malaysian National Age Group Championship 2016. For the older swimmers, the Olympic 2016 qualifying times are included.

Please download these spreadsheets and at the bottom of each spreadsheet, you will find the relevant swimmer. You may use these templates on the iPad as well, so that each time you attend a new swim meet the times can be updated and it is easier to manage all your personal best times (especially relevant when you are filling up swim meet application forms).

I hope that these will be useful to you and you will be able to use these times to motivate you in your training.

If you are confused, please talk to your Coaches or one of the Committee members. We are here to help you in your swimming. We look forward to a good year ahead in 2016.

PASA 2016 entry form

We are going to try out using Google forms to submit the PASA entry form for 2016. Please note that the deadline is 15th of January 2016.

If there are any problems, please alert us on the WhatsApp chat group. Thank you.


This is the event schedule and event numbers for reference and to fill in the form:

52PASA2016 Event Schedule _Revised on 19-11-2015_


President Cup 2015

34th president cup 2015 medal count

34th president cup 2015 record breakers

34th president cup 2015 result with splits

34th president cup 2015 results

34th president cup 2015 team scores

IMG_2690 IMG_2689 IMG_2687 IMG_2684 IMG_2682 IMG_2677 IMG_2676


The PSC Swim Team went down to Malacca for the 34th President Cup, from the 27th to the 29th of November 2015. PSC emerged 7th place overall, with 187.50 points, out of 28 clubs in Malaysia.

This time, the team was able to visit Jonker Walk in the historic city of Malacca and eat at a local tourist spot. We ate at two Malacca Peranakan restaurants and experienced the difference between food in Penang and Malacca. Usually all the team sees are the pool and the hotel. We even ate chicken rice balls for lunch! A first for the team!

The kids tried their best and we have new personal bests for most events. We took home 3 silvers and 5 bronzes.

Many thanks to the kids for their best behaviour and trying their best, the parents who came to support and help out (especially Carinna Ong, Jasmine Lee, Grace Teh, Dr. Lim), May Chew (our committee member) for chaperoning and Stephanie Binting (our secretary) for personally motivating the kids with treats for swimming new personal best times, Jesslyn Lee (our treasurer) for arranging lodging, food and funds, Annie Khoo and Lim Tean Beng (our committee members) for arranging food, Coach Heng for managing and motivating the swimmers and Marco Wong (our team manager) for motivating and encouraging the kids. Without every one of you, we would not be able to run a successful swim meet.

We look forward to the next Club meet – PASA 2016 in February 2016.