Swimmer’s Personal Best Times

Swimmer’s PB – Sept2015 Sheet1

Dear Swimmers,

Please download and print out this document. Fill in your personal best times for the relevant swimming strokes and hand in to your swim house captain or assistant captain before the 1st of October 2015.

Your personal best times will be used to award house points, against the September time trial.

Thank you!


Sharing Session by Coach Heng

IMG_2354 IMG_2355 IMG_2356

Coach Heng held a sharing session yesterday, in the Mini Theatre, Level 4 of the Tower Block, at 2pm. Parents and swimmers alike, came to hear what he had learnt in Bangkok. He talked about being able to swim faster by using the right technique for each stroke. Then he went through what the ideal techniques for each stroke are and demonstrated various mistakes that swimmers of all ages make.

Finally, he also talked about how to calculate one’s Target Heart Rate and what are the percentages of a Target Heart Rate translated into swimming. The details of this will be added to our Swimmer’s Log, which will be given to each swimmer. This is a work in progress and the Committee hopes to have it ready by the middle of October.

Memo – Application Form for the PSC Swim Team

Application for Membership in the Swimming Team – Sept2015

The Main Committee has created a new Application Form for the PSC Swim Team, effective from the 19th of September 2015.

The new form will now apply and automatically replace the old form.

All previously submitted forms will not be required for resubmission, however please note that the terms and conditions of the new form shall apply to all the PSC Swim Team.

The Application Form is available from the following:

  • Swimming Section blog – pscswimteam.wordpress.com
  • Reception, Level 6
  • Swimming Section Room

When filling up the form, please do not forget to include the following, for insurance purposes:

  • identity card number (MyKid) or passport number
  • copy of the identity card or passport
  • photo of the swimmer

Thank you.

Swim Houses

The Swimming Section Committee has decided to create 3 Houses for our Swim Team. All swimmers have been divided into 3 Houses (please refer to the chart). We have kept families together and have tried to keep the swimmers fairly distributed according to ability. If a swimmer is not with their siblings, please let us know as soon as possible so that changes can be made.

The Houses have not been named and are currently called A, B and C. The swimmers have the option of naming their House – please note that vulgar language will not be permitted and the Committee has the right to veto a name.

The Houses will compete annually and the one with the most points will win a special prize at the end of each year. Competition starts in January and ends in December.

Points are accumulated by:

  • Time Trials – heat winners (placed 1, 2, 3) will be awarded points valued at 12, 6, 3 – hint: the more swimmers each House has, the more points you can accumulate
  • Swim Meets – each point awarded to a swimmer during the swim meet will translate into points for the House – only the recognized Club swim meets will count
  • Good behavior during training – Coaches will have the discretion to award points for the best behavior (5 points), most effort (10 points), good strokes (5 points)
  • Houses will compete against each other once a month during a special training on Friday, 4.30 pm – each Coach will be responsible for their House and this is randomly assigned – hint: the more swimmers from that House that attends the Friday 4.30pm training, the more points the House can accumulate – this training will comprise of swim games and relays
  • Points will be awarded for the annual Best Swimmer – Male and Female, in each age group

This is an ongoing idea and every one is encouraged to submit their ideas to make it work and for us all to have fun.

We will start points accumulation at this Friday’s time trial. You have been warned!

House A B C
Captain 1 YOO Zhi Qian B1 Elynn TAN G1 Andre CHUAH B2
Assistant Captain 2 Matthew POON B1 Ashley TOO G3 Anselm LAW B2
3 THAM Khai Song B1 Alwyn TAN B1 LIM Yunn Fu B0
4 Ernest POON B2 LEE Chia Chern B2 Bryan CHUAH B2
5 Mino von Wehrden B2 Nicholas KHOR B2 YUEN Kok Chung B2
6 Colin CHEW B2 Jonathan TENG B2 ONG Sin Yik B2
7 Cieran WONG B3 LEE Chia Chean B3 YUEN Kok How B3
8 Deryl LIM B3 Jared LEE B3 Robin LAW B3
9 Ananda NG B3 GOH Kai Hen B3 TOH Ting Wei B3
10 Joshua YEOH B3 Benedict FONG B3 Criston KEE B3
11 Jared FOO B3 Joel Darren KUNG B4 KOAY Yi Chern B4
12 Chris CHEW B4 Insbruck ONG B4 Shin HENG B4
13 Dominic CHEANG B4 Dylan YEO B4 Caden WONG B4
14 Marcus ANG B4 Ian LEE B4 LEOW Jun Sheng B4
15 Wayne PEH B4 Timothy FONG B4 Carsun ANG B4
16 Winson TAN B4 Josh Duncan KUNG B5 KHOO Kai Chen B4
17 Callum WONG B5 LEE Zong Zer B5 TSEN Ee Jeen B5
18 Jornas YEOH B5 Lim Shern Ji B5 LIM Kel Vin B5
19 Manfred ANG B5 Sebastian SAW B5 CHAN Kai Jie B5
20 Mark WEE B5 CHEW Ho Yan G2 Maygan ONG G1
21 Shinta von Wehrden G2 Jane FONG G2 Leong Zi Jun G2
22 Deseree LIM G2 CHEW Ho Yeng G3 Yuki CHUAH G3
23 Alicia LIM G3 LEE Jia Yi G3 TSEN Ee Lin G3
24 Saskia von Wehrden G4 Nicole KHOR G4 Monique HARRISON G4
25 Daphne LIM G4 Jessica TENG G4 Samantha LIM G4
26 Jesselyn LIM G4 CHAN Yee Chen G4 Susan KANG G4
27 Anisha NG G4 TAN Ying Yin G4 Siobhan CHEAH G5
28 Catriona WONG G5 Eliza ANG G5 Caroline LIM G5
29 Joelene LIM G5 Emeline ANG G5 YEOH Yun Xuan G5
30 Mollie DENNIS G5 CHAN Yee Yen G5 Suzi KANG G5
31 Innuka ONG G5
32 Isabel LEE G5

Qualifying Requirements for KISC and NISC

For all the swimmers who wish to get full sponsorship to take part in Kedah Invitational Swimming Championship (KISC) 2015 and National Inter-clubs Swimming Championship (NISC), please refer to the terms and conditions as stated in the first attachment.

As for the qualifying times for both meets, please refer to the second and the third attachment.

Thank you.


SWIMSEC – Qualifying Time for 12th Kedah Meet 2015

SWIMSEC – Qualifying Time for President’s Cup 2015