Updated Aquatic Calendar – 2015

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Meet Report – SportExcel Junior Swimming Meet 1st Leg

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The SportExcel Junior Swimming Meet 1st Leg was held at Pusat Akuatik Hang Jebat in Melaka from 09-05 to 10-05, 2015. After two days of highly competitive competitions, the swimming team from PSC gave a commendable performance to stay on the top five teams in term of medal count and total point accumulated.

On the medal tally, the PSC swimming team garnered 7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze to finish at the 3rd position after IBSC and PADE, thank to our golden boy from Group 4, Chris Chew who swept 7 golds and 1 bronze in all eight events he took part, the other silver medal came from Chew Ho Yeng.

As for the total points accumulated, despite a rather small team from the PSC, we managed to win 1095 points from the effort of all swimmers who finished at the 24th or better positions in the events they swam. We hereby congratulate the swimming team for their brilliant achievements!

Congratulation again and hope the team would perform even better in the 2nd Leg!




The SportExcel 2nd Leg will be held at the Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, Shah Alam, from 13th to 14th June 2015.

Those who qualify the Top 24th position or better will be fully sponsored by the Swimming Section.

The self-sponsored cost will be announced later.

Below please find all the related docs to this competition, we advise those who would like to take part to fill up the entry form as attached below, then please send to Coach Heng : chooheng@yahoo.com

Thank you.



2nd Leg – EntryForm

2nd Leg – PRAS Invitation

2nd Leg – Rules 

2nd leg -Order of Events

2nd Leg – Qualifying time 

51st Malaysia Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship

NAG 2015 Prog Bk Cover     The 51st Malaysian Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship was held at the Bukit Jalil Aquatic Centre from 24th to 26th, April 2015.  10 swimmers from Penang Swimming Club qualified to represent Penang state to take part in this competition in various age groups. They swam their hearts out and gave their best performances to make not only the Club, but the state proud.

Following is the list of qualified swimmers from Penang Swimming Club:

1. Lim Yunn Fu

2. Alwyn Tan

3. Yoo Zhi Qian

4. Matthew Poon

5. Elynn Tan

6. Andre Chuah

7. Toh Ting Wei

8. Chris Chew

9. Saskia

10. Adam Iqhmal

Following is the swimmers who won medals in this championship:


1. Alwyn Tan Yean Yang       –        Group 1: 50m Butterfly  (Silver). (NAG Open).
2. Yoo Zhi Qian                    –          Group 1: 1500m Freestyle      (Bronze). (NAG Closed).
3. Adam Iqhmal                    –         Group 2: 50m Breaststroke  (Bronze). (NAG Open).
                                                                              100m Backstroke    (Bronze). (NAG Open).
                                                                              50m Backstroke     (Silver).   (NAG Open).
4. Chris Chew Vi Min           –        Group 4:  100m Freestyle      (Bronze). (NAG Open).
                                                                              200m I.M                 (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                              100m Butterfly         (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                              50m  Breaststroke  (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                              100m Backstroke    (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                              50m  Butterfly         (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                              50m Backstroke     (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                              50m Freestyle        (Gold).    (NAG Open).
                                                                             * 4x100m Freestyle Relay (Bronze). (NAG Open).
                                                                             * 4x50m  Medley Relay     (Bronze). (NAG Open).
4. Elynn Tan YiLin                –         Group 1: 50m Freestyle        (Gold).     (NAG Open).
                                                                             * 4x100m Freestyle Relay (Bronze).  (NAG Open).
                                                                             * 4x100m Medley Relay     (Silver).    (NAG Open).
A huge congratulation to the medal winners and also a job well done to all the PSC participants!