Coaching Revamp

From March’ 2014 onwards, the basic revamp in term of coaching will be as follows:

1. Grouping* – all swimmers will be regrouped into 4 categories:

a) Group 1 – beginners who are allowed to attend only the night sessions from Monday to Friday

b) Group 2 – age group 5 & 4

c) Group 3 – age group 3 & 2

d) Group 4 – age group 2 & 1

*Grouping is also based on the ability of the swimmers, the age group stated as above are only a guideline. Swimmers will be asked to switch groups by the coaches any time based on their training performance.

2. Coaches in charge:

Group 1 & 2 : Coach Tan Choo Heng

Group 3 : Coach Lim Boon Lee

Group 4 : Coach Liu Qing Ru

3. Dryland exercises and swimming programs:              

Each coach will prepare their own program for dryland and swimming for their respective group/s.

4. Disciplinary – coaches are advised to tighten up the discipline of the swimmers.

Thank you.


We Are The Champions


Really nothing much to say.

When I see how our swimmers training day in and day out, rain or shine.

When I see how our coaches treading along the poolside, blowing whistles,shouting and yelling.

When I see how the parents sitting there, patiently waiting for their kids to complete another day of training.

I am sure it will be a heartbreak if we fail to win.

But again nothing will never change, losing sucks but we still need to be always preparing to swallow it.

Just give our very best and even if we lose, there is no regret.

CS/Chairman of SC

PASA 2014 – Results Tracking

In order to keep all of you who are interested to follow the performance of PSCST in PASA Meets 2014, but unable to watch the live competition at the venue, we shall try to update the results as on-time as possible, just keep coming back to follow the updates:

abbreviations: O – open; B – Boy; G-Girl; IM – Individual Medley; R-Relay; PSC Swimmer in BOLD

Full results can be found from this site:

(Incomplete Updates)

PSCST Medal Tally: 

Day 1                                 Day 2                              Day 3          TOTAL

Gold          14                    30                                      44              88

Silver        7                       12                                      23               42

Bronze      6                       21                                      23               50

Points Tracking:

Final Point : 2710


DAY 1:21/02/2014

Event               Group    Gold                              Silver                              Bronze

1500 Free           O(B)    L.Yun Fu18.54.47 Y.Zhi Qian19.30.87  Andre CCR19.31.74

800 Free            O(G)     Ruth CAC 9.53.57     Trisha TCH10.04.82  Michelle CPY10.26.10

100 Breast          5(B)     MervinNYJ1.51.42   TimothyLCM1.52.22  H.JiaRen1.57.42

100 Breast          5(G)     S.JoeHan1.54.98       C.XueLin1.56.55           DapheneLZJ1.56.57

100 Breast          4(B)     LouisCTA1.35.15       O.PorChuin1.35.79      Luis CY1.38.68

100 Breast          4(G)     JessLYY1.36.56          T.JiaWen1.36.91          L.XinMei1.39.20

100 Breast          3(B)      Toan Mat.1.19.84      L.KaiNen1.27.66           Gary LKM1.28.87

100 Breast          3(G)     Clarissa CHY1.23.11  N.YingRui1.24.01        H.KeeSha1.24.81

100 Breast          2(B)      L.JiaHarn1.16.02        Adam IGS1.16.23      Andre CCR1.17.37

100 Breast          2(G)     G.XinJie1.16.35            O.ZhiJin1.23.26             Dolly T.1.28.26

100 Breast          1(B)      Y.ZhiJian1.11.55       G.TengJie1.12.61          C.FuYung1.13.88

100 Breast          1(G)     L.ShinHuey1.31.09  Jane LJY1.34.54          Catherine C.1.35.68

100 Breast          O(B)     B.WeiDoong1.15.04 M.Ariff1.16.58              W.JinHau1.17.25

100 Breast          O(G)     T.KhaiXin1.28.58      Evelyn O.1.42.53         L.HoongLien1.42.62

200 IM                5(B)      Joel DK3.16.33              MervinNYJ3.34.12    Bryan LMH3.41.95

200 IM              5(G)        JesselynLLX3.13.56 S.JoeHan 3.29.28        DaphneLZJ3.53.19

200 IM               4 (B)      K.WenRui2.47.25          Chris CVM3.10.71   Luis C.Yi3.11.17

200 IM              4(G)       C.HoYeng3.04.91        Jess LYY3.07.98          Vivian CYW3.11.73

200 IM              3(B)        L.ChiaChern2.38.32 Anselm L.2.47.59     Yusuke K2.48.98

200 IM              3(G)       Clarissa CHY2.42.06     H.TienErh2.50.89        N.YingRui2.52.50

200 IM              2(B)       Dylan WXK2.22.81         Eugene ECC2.31.42 L.JiaHarn2.32.05

200 IM              2(G)       Elynn T.2.34.79            Andrena SMF2.38.49 Trisha TCH2.39.95

200 IM              1(B)        Alwyn T.2.13.67           L.YunnFu2.19.06      C.FuYung2.26.13

200 IM              1(G)      H.ZiXin2.40.33             Safarah R.3.04.17

200 IM              O(B)      B.WeiDoong2.28.47  T.RuWei2.31.67           Gavin W.2.35.19

200 IM              O(G)      T.KhaiXin2.50.17        L.jiaSze2.58.27

DAY 2: 22/02/2014

Event               Group    Gold                              Silver                              Bronze

400 Free            1(B)      Y.ZhiQian4.25.93L.YunFu4.46.34  C.TianFu4.56.67

400 Free            1(G)     H.ZiXin4.56.83     MichelleSPY5.12.70L.RouYing5.52.30

400 Free            2(B)      L.JiaHarn4.46.92  Y.WeiBoon4.48.01  AndreCCR4.49.51

400 Free            2(G)     ElynnT.4.52.38    TrishaTCH4.56.03  AndrenaSMF4.59.11

400 Free            3(B)      C.Ainsley5.04.43   GaryLKM5.11.04     YusukeK.5.19.68

400 Free            3(G)      H.TienErh5.18.07  LenieL.5.45.24         EuniceYKX5.45.24

50 Breast          O(B)       B.WeiDoong33.06M.Ariff33.60           T.JunHao33.70

50 Breast          O(G)       T.KhaiXin41.17   K.ChernLynn41.93  T.RhuYee45.25

50 Breast           1(B)       AlwynT.32.21        C.ChoonKeat33.04  Y.ChiQian33.63

50 Breast           1(G)      L.ShinHuey41.25 JaneLJY43.47           L.RouYing44.29

50 Breast           2(B)      L.JiaHarn34.04         AdamIGM34.84    JeffereyCUR35.01

50 Breast           2(G)      G.XinJie35.19             O.ZhiChin38.01        TrishaTCH39.41

50 Breast           3(B)      ToanMatsu.35.78      L.KaiNen39.34         GaryLKM41.11

50 Breast           3(G)      ClarissaCHY37.47    H.KeeSha39.00        N.YingRui39.59

50 Breast           4(B)       O.PorChuin42.70     LouisCTA43.22       IvanLKS46.44

50 Breast           4(B)      T.JiaWen43.66           JessLYY44.26         L.XinMei46.06

50 Breast           5(B)      TimothyLCM50.97   MervinNYJ51.03   K.JianBao54.76

50 Breast           5(G)      S.JoeHan53.69           C.XueLin54.12         H.JiaYee54.81

200 Fly               1(B)      AlwynT.2.11.91       S.YeXang2.18.95     C.TianFu2.31.82

200 Fly               1(G)      H.ZiXin2.51.88        SafarahR.2.54.51     C.YiWynn3.28.99

200 Fly               2(B)      Y.WeiBoon2.36.95   T.RuJuin2.39.84 MaxCJH2.40.88

200 Fly               2(G)      RuthCAC2.33.90       AndrenaSMF2.48.20DollyT.2.57.53

200 Fly               3(B)       L.ChiaChern2.51.83YusukeK.2.55.35  T.HauLam3.13.63

200 Fly               3(G)      ArmelleSMF2.54.80H.TienErh2.55.04 N.Afreena3.08.40

100 Free             O(B)      B.WeiDoong57.79  M.Ariff58.29      IanLB58.37

100 Free             O(G)      T.KhaiXin1.07.89 L.JiaSze1.09.22   K.ChernLynn1.12.01 

100 Free             1(B)       L.YunFu55.18         S.YeXang56.71      G.TengJie58.57

100 Free             1(G)       MichelleSPY1.02.75L.RouYing1.09.94C.YiWynn1.10.74

100 Free             2(B)       DylanWXK56.01      BrianCY58.25        EugeneECC1.00.17

100 Free             2(G)      G.XinJie1.01.47         ElynnT.1.02.67  AndrenaSMF1.03.25

100 Free             3(B)      AnselmL.1.04.91    AinsleyC.1.07.13   ToanMatsu.1.09.18

100 Free             3(G)      ArmelleSMF1.07.53 LenieL.1.11.14        AshleyTQY1.11.39

100 Free             4(B)      K.WenRui1.07.08      CieranW.1.15.57 LuisCTA1.16.73

100 Free             4(G)      C.HoYeng1.11.78     JessLYY1.16.40     VivianCYW1.18.19

100 Free             5(B)      JoelDK1.18.46            MervinNYJ1.27.88DariusGWL1.29.64

100 Free             5(G)     JesselynLLX1.18.07S.JoeHan1.27.96    YeannYYC1.31.68

200 Back           1(B)      C.FuYung2.26.92       S.YeXang2.27.03      L.YunFu2.29.86

200 Back           1(G)       H.ZiXin2.45,21       SafarahR.3.03.12       CatherineC.3.05.62

200 Back           2(B)        DylanWXK2.22.76  AdamIGM2.37.42  AndreCCR2.37.88

200 Back           2(G)        RuthCAC2.37.14      TrishaTCH2.40.17   G.XinJie2.43.30

200 Back           3(B)        L.ChiaChern2.43.98 AinsleyC.2.49.92   YusukeK.2.51.76

200 Back           3(G)     ArmelleSMF2.52.48     H.TienErh2.56.42  AshleyTQY3.01.74

50 Fly                  O(B)     B.WeiDoong26.87     IanLB27.12                M.Ariff28.12

50 Fly                  O(G)     L.JiaSze33.12                   T.KhaiXin34.56  L.PingRu37.30

50 Fly                  1(B)      AlwynT.26.08               S.YeeXang27.49     C.TianFu28.00

50 Fly                  1(G)     MichelleSPY31.82          SafarahR.34.79        L.ShinHuey39.42

50 Fly                  2(B)      DylanWXK27.39            EugeneYCC29.28 Y.WeiBoon29.95

50 Fly                  2(G)      RuthCAC29.77                AndrenaSMF30.12  ElynnT.32.25

50 Fly                  3(B)       L.ChiaChern30.98    ToanMatsu.32.26    AnselmL.33.42

50 Fly                  3(G)      ClarissaCHY31.98           ArmelleSMF33.03  LenieL.33.85

50 Fly                  4(B)      K.WenRui34.35               ChrisCVV35.67      CieranW.37.26

50 Fly                  4(G)      C.HoYeng35.12             JessLYY39.98            AliciaLLY40.33

50 Fly                  5(B)       JoelDK38.72                    MervinNYJ47.84    TimothyLCM48.40

50 Fly                  5(G)       JesselynLLX39.65       S.JoeHan42.69         YeannYYC45.90

4×100 FreeR      O(B)     USM3.59.71                       PSC4.12.95

4×100 FreeR     O(G)      CSCA5.43.40

4×100 FreeR      1(B)       PSC3.46.02                       PDT3.57.28               CSCA4.10.49

4×100 FreeR      1(G)       CSCA4.36.13                      PSC4.46.14

4×100 FreeR      2(B)       CSCA4.03.64                     PSCA4.05.84          PDT4.12.00

4×100 FreeR      2(G)       CSCA4.19.08                      PDT4.23.87              PSCA4.38.61

4×100 FreeR      3(B)       PSCA4.35.69                      CSCA4.36.83           PSCB5.07.04

4×100 FreeR      3(G)       PDT4.45.68                         CSCA4.53.25           CSCB5.19.77

4×100 FreeR      4(B)        PSCA5.09.59                     CSCA5.21.63            PDT5.27.01

4×100 FreeR      4(G)      PSC5.35.34                           CSCA5.40.77           PDTA5.44.29

4×50 FreeRe       5(B)      PDTA3.02.77                        TSTA3.03.90          PSCB3.34.32

4×50 FreeRe       5(G)       PSC2.51.58                           PDTA3.00.45          PDTB3.29.51

DAY 3:23/02/2014

Event               Group     Gold                              Silver                              Bronze

400 IM              1(B)      AlwynT.4.53.73    Y.ZhiQian5.08.44G.Tengjie5.29.69

400 IM              1(G)      H.Zixin5.41.52      SafarahR.6.37.07

400 IM             2(B)      T.Rujuin5.33.17   L.JiaHarn5.37.84      M.Aizril5.41.44

400 IM              2(G)     ElynnT.5.41.82     G.XinJie5.45.19         GraceLMH5.48.97

400 IM              3(B)      L.ChiaChern5.46.74YusukeK.5.47.57AinsleyC.6.03.81

400 IM              3(G)     ClarissaCHY5.54.42N.YingRui6.09.02 N.Afreena6.29.61

200 Free           O(B)      B.weiDoong2.18.93T.RuWei2.19.87GavinWay2.24.89

200 Free           O(G)      T.KhaiXin2.33.03K.ChernLynn2.36.70L.JiaSze2.39.98

200 Free           1(B)       L.YunFu1.59.88 C.TianFu2.16.56       DarrenGWH2.16.65

200 Free           1(G)      MichelleSPY2.22.70 L.RouYing2.38.61C.YiWynn2.39.21

200 Free           2(B)      BrianCY2.11.36      L.JiaHarn2.12.06     EugeneYCC2.13.89

200 Free           2(G)      AndrenaSMF2.18.36TrishaTCH2.2.21.29GraceLMH2.25.34

200 Free           3(B)     AnselmL.2.22.00 GaryLKM2.29.74   DarrielGWK2.29.81

200 Free           3(G)      ArmelleSMF2.30.76H.TienErh2.37.85  P.ShuEn2.40.13

200 Free           4(B)      K.WenRui2.27.02  LouisCTA2.46.10  L.HongBin2.51.29

200 Free           4(G)     C.HoYeng2.40.57VivianCYW2.46.87JessLYY2.46.98

200 Free           5(B)      JoelDK2.57.06   MervinNYJ3.03.43  BryanLMH3.13.18

200 Free           5(G)     JesselynLLX2.53.79S.JoeHan3.11.23YeannYYC3.21.68

50 Back             O(B)     IanLB30.77         M.Ariff32.27          T.RuWei33.03

50 Back             O(G)      K.ChernLynn36.76L.JiaSze37.72L.HoongLien45.57

50 Back             1(B)      AlwynT.28.63  C.FuYung29.52     S.YeXang30.22

50 Back             1(G)     H.ZiXin33.63    MichelleSPY33.92 C.YiWynn39.60

50 Back             2(B)     DykanWXK29.52AdamIGM31.56 EugeneECC33.59

50 Back             2(G)      RuthCAC33.84  KellyGD34.95    C.JiaHooi36.08

50 Back             3(B)      L.ChiaChern34.56ToanMatsu.36AinsleyC.37.62

50 Back             3(G)      LenieL.37.78      AshleyTQY38.61ArmelleSMF39.30

50 Back             4(B)      K.WenRui37.07 CieranW.41.31 L.ZhiXian42.66

50 Back             4(G)     C.HoYeng39.42 VivianCYW42.90SaskiaVW44.62

50 Back             5(B)     JoelDK41.64      TimothyLCM47.79 MervinNYJ48.89

50 Back             5(G)     JesselynLLX43.10DaphhneLZJ47.38YeannYYC48.86

100 Fly              O(B)    B.WeiDoong1.02.82GavinW.1.04.26 T.RuWei1.07.26 

100 Fly              O(G)     L.JiaSze1.22.50  T.KhaiXin1.22.80 L.PingRu1.34.37

100 Fly              1(B)     AlwynT.57.81    S.YeXang59.17    C.TianFu1.02.25

100 Fly              1(G)     MichelleSPY1.12.24SafarahR.1.22.04C.YiWynn1.29.82

100 Fly              2(B)      DylanWXK1.02.19Y.WeiBoon1.09.23T.RuJuin1.10.47

100 Fly              2(G)      RuthCAC1.07.48AndrenaSMF1.08.80ElynnT.1.13.49

100 Fly              3(B)      L.ChiaChern1.12.64YusukeK.1.17.45L.WeiYi1.21.29

100 Fly              3(G)      ArmelleSMF1.14.16ClarissaCHY1.15.31N.YingRui1.22.32

100 Fly              4(B)      K.WenRui1.16.54 ChrisCVM1.24.00LuisCTA1.31.40

100 Fly              4(G)       C.HoYeng1.28.89JessLYY1.35.00EmilieKWX1.35.15

100 Fly              5(B)      JoelDK1.37.56   MervinNYJ1.46.36 TimothyLCM1.55.01

100 Fly              5(G)      JesselynLLX1.37.33S.JoeHan1.47.76C.XueLin1.59.82

200 Breast       O(B)       B.WeiDoong2.47.47 PhillipC.2.49.24T.CheSoon3.00.58

200 Breast       O(G)      T.KhaiXin3.10.42   EvelynO.3.49.42

200 Breast       1(B)       Y.ZhiJian2.35.71      C.FuYung2.41.03  G.TengJie2.41.06

200 Breast       1(G)      H.ZiXin3.05.37     L.ShinHuey3.18.81 CatherineC.3.22.00

200 Breast       2(B)      L.JiaHarn2.48.18    M.Aizril2.48.97       AsaTST2.49.98

200 Breast       2(G)      G.XinJie2.47.73     TrishaTCH2.56.13  O.ZhiChin3.04.28

200 Breast       3(B)      ToanMatsu.2.52.96YusukeK.3.03.04L.KaiNen3.06.25

200 Breast       3(B)      N.YingRui2.56.48 ClarissaCHY2.56.61H.KeeSha3.08.80

100 Back          O(B)      M.Ariff1.12.09       T.RuWei1.12.23     L.YunnSheng1.21.41

100 Back          O(G)      L.JiaSze1.21.40     K.ChernLynn1.22.52 EvelynO.1.40.43

100 Back          1(B)       S.YeXang1.06.08 C.FuYung1.07.00    L.YunnFu1.07.53

100 Back          1(G)      H.ZiXin1.16.85    MichelleSPY1.20.51 SafarahR.1.31.13

100 Back          2(B)       DylanWXK1.06.25 AdamIGM1.12.08 BrianCY1.16.63

100 Back          2(G)      RuthCAC1.13.00    G.XinJie1.15.67    TrishaTCH1.16.90

100 Back          3(B)     L.ChiaChern1.16.57AinsleyC.1.22.13ToanMatsu.1.24.00

100 Back          3(G)     ArmelleSMF1.21.45 AshleyTQY1.24.34H.TienErh1.26.07

100 Back          4(B)      K.WenRui1.20.18     CieranW.1.33.21    L.ZhiXian1.33.40

100 Back          4(G)     C.HoYeng1.26.79    JessLYY1.29.85     VivianCYW1.32.69

100 Back          5(B)      JoelDK1.32.72        TimothyLCM1.43.49 DerrickOCY1.57.74

100 Back          5(G)      JesselynLLX1.34.91 YeannYYC1.44.78DaphneLZJ1.49.91

50 Free              O(B)      IanLB25.80       O.T.Wei26.13                    T.JunHao26.21

50 Free              O(G)      L.JiaSze30.87     K.ChernLynn31.00     T.RhuYee33.12

50 Free              1(B)      AlwynT.24.19    S.YeXang25.40             L.YunFu25.91

50 Free              1(G)      MichelleSPY28.22   SafarahR.30.81      C.YiWynn31.09

50 Free              2(B)       DylanWXK25.79     BrianCY26.16        EugeneECC27.41

50 Free              2(G)       G.XinJie28.56          ElynnT.28.58      RuthCAC28.59

50 Free              3(B)      AnselmL.28.93     ToanMatsu.31.42  AinsleyC. 31.47

50 Free              3(G)      ClarissaCHY30.48   MelinaM.32.03    AshleyT.32.41

50 Free              4(B)     K.WenRui31.71        ChrisCVM33.31    BrianLEC33.63

50 Free              4(G)     C.HoYan32.15      C.WenYan35.63       T.JiaWen35.63

50 Free              5(B)     JoelDK36.11         MarcusACZ40.68     TimothyLCM40.69

50 Free              5(G)      JesselynLLX37.21 S.JoeHan39.03     DaphneLZJ40.53

4×100 IMR        O(B)     PSC4.36.09        USM4.37.04

4×100 IMR        O(G)      CSCA

4×100 IMR        1(B)       PSC4.17.84       PDT4.19.50      CSCA4.42.03

4×100 IMR        1(G)       CSCA5.20.17     PSC5.29.73

4×100 IMR       2(B)       CSCA4.34.11       PSCA4.41.45      PDT4.56.68

4×100 IMR       2(G)       CSCA4.51.95      PDT4.52.78          PSCA5.23.52

4×100 IMR       3(B)       CSCA5.10.26       PSCA5.19.52      CSCB5.40.53

4×100 IMR        3(G)      PDT5.17.48        CSCA5.38.24      CSCB5.58.20

4×50 IM R         4(B)      CSCA2.45.27      PDTA2.49.18       PDTB2.54.61

4×50 IMR          4(G)      PSC2.53.41       CSCA2.55.50        PDT3.02.95

4×50 IMR          5(B)      PSCA3.16.34     PDT3.26.22       TSTA 3.33.43

4×50 IMR          5(G)      PSC3.25.60        PDTA3.28.49      PDTB3.52.66


So, let’s start rocking the pool!!!!

Kind Reminders for PASA Meets

Finally, PASA Swimming Meets is going to kick off at 6pm tomorrow!   For the club, it is definitely the ultimate goal to win both trophies again to make it 3 years in a row, this will be a historical feat to Penang Swimming Club.  But to me, I just wish all of you to swim your very best, winning or losing is secondary, but putting up the best effort will be the greatest achievement in your life.

So, good luck and all the best!

CS/chairman of SS

PS: The attachment below are some kind reminders for this meet.


50th PASA 2014

Good morning everyone!

We had a good week of competition at MSSPP 2014 and will now look forward to PASA 2014. PASA will be held at Chinese Swimming Club (CSC) this year.

Attached are the Swimmers’ Event List.


Please do not forget that the briefing for PASA, will be held on Wednesday, the 19th of February 2014 at 7pm.

Good luck everyone!

Welcome to the Blog of PSC Swimming Team


First of all, a huge thank to Cindy who is willing to establish this blog which is way long overdue since the idea first struck my mind, her assistance and contribution are highly appreciated.

Secondly, a huge HELLO to all the swimmers, swimmers’ parents and those who intentionally or happen to log on this blog, welcome to the official blog of Penang Swimming Club Swimming Team(PSCST).

This blog is going to be one of the most vital forums for us to share all the information and convey all the messages about PSCST. On behalf of PSC Swimming Section Committee, I truly hope that it will fulfil its multi-functions to the fullest as a channel for all of us to express any opinions, questions and constructive proposals to uplift the image of the PSCST.

PSC is the oldest swimming club in Penang, the pride and prestige of being the first swimming club should be always cherished and maintained with the full dedication from the main committee, swimming section committee, club members and finally, all the swimmers from PSCST!

Winning is only one of the ways to do it, but the over all performance from the other aspects, including behaviour, decent characters, humility, love and caring, unselfishness, group spirit, responsibility, perseverance and finally, passion, will form a comprehensive effort from each and every one to uphold the credible reputation of PSC.

Lastly, on behalf of Swimming Section Committee, I look forwards to getting your full support to make PSCST a better and highly respected swimming team, not only in Penang but at the national level as well.

Thank you.

CS Lee/chairman of Swimming Section Committee